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Mondo Chôro is a quartet of musicians from all over the world based in Cologne, Germany, who together explore the world of Brazilian Chôros and share it with the audience.

Chôro [Portuguese: to cry] is the traditional music of Brazil, which originated in Rio de Janeiro in the late 19th century from a mixture of African rhythms and European melodies and dances.

The variety of rhythms, beauty of melodies and colorful harmonies coupled with an abundance of emotion bring the Brazilian way of life to life in Chôro, while also forming the origin for the more popular music styles of Samba & Bossa Nova.

Brasilianische Musik Live Jazz Folklore

Photo: Thomas Berghaus

Brasilianische Musik Live Jazz Folklore

  Photo: Thomas Berghaus

With their backgrounds in jazz, classical music and South American folklore, the four musicians interpet traditional (Pixinguinha, Bandolim, Garoto) and contemporary chôros (Sivuca, Ayres, Ferragutti or Maia among others) in their own fresh way, creating a unique interaction and communication with the audience.

Each piece of the concert is the starting point of a journey through the facets and characteristics of Brazilian music, to which the quartet invites its audience.

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